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With school back in session now and summer passing, my men’s bible study just started back up. We’re kicking things off with a study on mentor based leadership using Tony Dungy’s book, “The Mentor Leader:  Secrets to Building Teams That Win Consistently”.  I’d like share some of the things I learn from the study as it goes on and maybe it will light a spark in you to do something for someone else.

This first week we talked about how the people around us help shape who we are and discussed the debate over being born a leader vs. leadership being learned.  We had an interesting debate and it coincides with the ongoing discussion about entrepreneurs being born or made .

To me entrepreneurship and leadership go hand-in-hand but regardless of your belief, in order to be a great leader and entrepreneur you have to learn from others.  You have to fail, learn, succeed and grow.  One of the ways to learn and grow is through mentorship – being the apprentice and the mentor.  You can even learn more than you bargain when you are mentoring to others.

Some of the thoughts Tony expressed in the book are excellent but, the one that really stuck with me was that the people involved in his life he attributes his success to.  In the spirit of learning, how about answering of few questions of yourself and taking action.


  1. Evaluate your integrity:  Are your actions consistent with your words?
  2. Evaluate your impact:  Are you making lives better?
  3. Evaluate your perspective:  Do you see people as central to the mission of your organization?  Or, do you see them simply as the means-the-fuel-to get your organization?
  4. Evaluate you goals:  Are you building relationships, or are you building a tower to climb to the top?
  5. Mentor leaders see the opportunity to interact with people-and to build into their lives along with the way-as part of the journey itself.  how are you looking for ways to directly engage with and influence other people?
  6. How does your leadership style need to change so that people will flourish and grow around you?
  7. You can lead from a position of authority, but the most effective leaders lead as they build relationships of influence.  What can you do to move from an authority-based model to an influence-based model?
  8. Identify one person whom you can begin to mentor.  Don’t look to far or too hard.  The opportunity is right in front of you-at work, in your family, or with a friend.  Granted, it could be a special situation, outside of your everyday circles of influence.  But more than likely, the person is someone with whom you already have a relationship.
  9. Visit The Mentoring Project’s Website ( www.thementoringproject.org ) and consider how you can get involved.
  10. From you perspective, what is the difference between “success” and “good success”?

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