Let’s Startup America The #LeanStartup Way

I think the announcement for Startup America is fantastic news.  However, I believe that those of us practicing Lean Startup need to reach the folks leading this charge to strongly consider the ways in which they influence, teach and foster entrepreneurship.  We’ve evolved and we need not teach younger entrepreneurs the same old things.

I’m looking for ideas on ways that we can influence our country’s leaders to recognize the power of and teach Lean Startup to young and new entrepreneurs.  Below are a few suggestions to get things started:

  1. Organize an annual meeting of Lean Startup Circles in Austin @ SXSW to discuss how we can help facilitate entrepreneur education.
  2. Form a group(s) that can activate business startup activity in middle and high schools with lean startup entrepreneurs as mentors and advisors.
  3. Host Lean Startup camps @ Disney World and other fun places.
  4. Get local companies to sponsor a Lean Startup week where they adopt a group of entrepreneurs to help with resources and bring the startup in to foster and help the company grow.
  5. Form a Lean Startup membership group that provides founders Costco like buying power for their businesses.

These are just a few thoughts I had – what ideas do you have?

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