About Me

j-cronkhiteHi, I’m Jason Cronkhite – a marketing savvy entrepreneur that truly enjoys working with other entreprenuers to build great businesses that can make things better for us all.  I’m working on a few of my own projects and have worked with some of the world’s largest brands to a few cutting-edge start-up companies.

From organizing and promoting world class sporting events to managing regional, national and international marketing campaigns, my experience provides a Swiss Army Knife like depth of knowledge. My diverse industry background is comprised of professional sports, beverage marketing, telecommunications, advertising and branding, streaming media software and I’m currently working with companies in biotech and technology logistics.

I love being part of the company building process and my specialization is creating metric-driven marketing and sales strategies that drive organizational growth. Fueled by my determination, creativity and passion the Gallup organization tells me that I have, “a unique ability to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena”.  So you can expect that any project I’m involved to connect the disparateness of your phenomena – haaaa!

Personally, I grew up playing REAL FOOTBALL i.e. soccer, in South Texas where my collegiate team, UIW, competed in 4 National Championships and I’m still a fanatic supporter of the game and working on a Football company called StuckIn.tv.  I enjoy reading about and studying business leadership, technology innovation, and am a distance runner and active member of my church Grace Memorial. From an educational perspective, I hold an MBA in Organizational Leadership and a BS in Sports Management. I’m living in the Austin-San Antonio, TX area with my wife Julie and two children Kendall and Connor.

Now that you know a little about me reach out and introduce yourself – I’d love to hear about what you are working on.  Feel free to drop me a note here, connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter or just come back to the site and connect later.